Pulse5 for RapidWeaver is FINALLY here

Pulse5 is finally here :sunglasses: - the best lightweight CMS for RapidWeaver just got a whole lot better

After 2 years of development, Pulse 5 is finally here, the most powerful Pulse yet. It brings you a gorgeous new dashboard and user interface, inline editing, multiple users, and so much more. Check out all new features on Pulse5 is the best Pulse yet

If you are an existing Pulse customer or registered on the Pulse site as a RapidWeaver user, your upgrade discount path is already waiting for you in the newly designed dashboard, with the latest download version always at your fingertips: Pulse Dashboard Login to Awesomeness

If not, sign up to get Pulse5:

New Pulse5 Stacks

Easy to use without needing to code nor setup any tricky Macros

Pulse 5 is accompanied by new RapidWeaver integration stacks*, redesigned and reengineered for RapidWeaver designers forming the best possible Content Management System for RapidWeaver. Enjoy full page integration, usage of pulse {{tag}} notation, and a tighter integration with more planned features for the near future.

Improvements from Pulse CMS Stack 4 integration:

  • Full page import! Just import whole Pulse pages directly into RapidWeaver.
  • Usage of pure pulse tags. Reuse the {{tag}} notation you know from Pulse directly on RapidWeaver pages.
  • Complete rewrite for a more tight integration than before.

Here is a list what you are able to build with Pulse Stack 5:

  • A full featured blog with inbuilt gallery and features image support
  • Social share icons
  • Blocks import, which include texts from famous Redactor editor, including drag and drop image support
  • Localizable content for multi language support
  • Contact and newsletter sign-up forms
  • Different photo galleries and sliders, image and banner import
  • Gallery Stack 3 integration
  • Media player for audio and video files
  • File download area
  • Google Maps
  • Password secured pages
  • And much more…

For more details:

Built by the excellent @instacks over at InStacks.com!

And see the “Pulse with RapidWeaver” demos here:

Looking good with:

Foundry - https://pulse5.instacks.com/foundry/
Foundation - https://pulse5.instacks.com/foundation/

Build in RapidWeaver and edit in any web browser.
Happy RapidWeaver Pulsing! :+1::zap:

*Pulse5 and Pulse5 Stacks are sold separately!


Thanks @yuzool :smiley: Hard work, and we done it :1st_place_medal:

Upgrade information and discount codes for existing Pulse Integration Stacks customers out now :wink:


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