Purchasing RW 6.3.6

Hi. I have just gotten a new-to-me macbook which runs mavericks. I think the latest RW that runs on that is 6.3.6. I would like to get a copy of that from RealMac. How can I do that?

You didn’t say what model MacBook you have? To my knowledge, anything running Mavericks should run OS X Yosemite. Late 2007 or newer can run OS X El Capitan. MacBooks (2010 and later) should run macOS High Sierra. So first I would look at upgrading the MacOS(it’s free) to as current as you can.
I think but not sure the license for RW8 would work with prior releases. @Aaron?


@Sandy Yes, if you purchase a RapidWeaver 8 license, you can email us and we’ll get you a license for an older version until you can use RapidWeaver 8.

Email us support@realmacsoftware.com and we’ll take care of you :slight_smile:

@teefers thank you :smiley:


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