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I am planning a multi-page form to be used for an initial job application process on a client’s website. I have been looking at FormsPlus which looks like it will do the job however I need the facility for the user to be able to save incomplete forms to return to at a later stage (without being logged in, and possibly on a different device).

So if they start filling out the form say, at work, they can resume at home later. Is that possible with FormsPlus or if not, does anyone know one that does have that functionality?

Many thanks

Not sure specifically about FormsPlus but if you wanted the functionality to start on one device and finish on another you would need some sort of user registration.
Otherwise how would one device know who was accessing the information and how would a different device know and be able to access info submitted by a different device. Also how else would you protect the partially submitted personal information?

Hope that makes sense.

So either use FormsPlus in a suitably simplistic way, having applied online for a few jobs simple is a lot better than wading through umpteen pages to submit. Or maybe look at something like sitelok (there is a licence you have to buy from VibraLogik, the stacks you can get from Joe Workman do NOT include a usage licence) which can be used to setup a membership site for job seekers etc.

Hi Mark

Thanks for writing it. It’s is not currently possible with FormsPlus to save the content for later. FormsPlus does allow users to resume incomplete uploads but not incomplete form submissions.

I’ll make a note to look at this for a future update for FormsPlus


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Thanks Paul, I was kinda thinking that would be the case and did actually advise the client, but wondered if it could be done by creating some kind of session ID.

I use Sitelok on other sites and really like it. The client is hesitant to go down this route but if they can be persuaded, do you have any experience of this type of functionality? Would it not still need the form stack to provide a save function?

Thanks for your quick reply Brian, just one quick question; would this work if the user was logged in to an ‘account’ (using Sitelok for example) or is it still not possible?

MachForm can do this (and so much more) - with ease. If you search these forums, you’ll find quite a few threads about MachForm - all (I think) praising the software. MachForm is a stand-alone product that can easily be incorporated into any RW site by simply adding a few lines of html code. The processing is then handled on a page MachForm creates (I change the name of the folder from machform to forms before installing…so that my forms reside at

I have a client who as a very long initial job application built in MachForm. It’s multipage and allows the user to save and come back using a different device. I built the initial application - but MachForm also has the ability to allow the client to add/modify/delete fields and/or questions. So, when the client thinks of a new question to ask, they just log in and add the question. EVERYTHING database-related is handled by the software. You create the database (or, if that’s not your thing, MachForm will do it for you for free), and never touch it again.

I have no idea how many installations I have, but it’s probably approaching 75 or so. I love, love, love MachForm.

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Oh, I’ll add that I also have Sitelok installed in a lot of sites - and have been using it for seven or eight years. Sitelok is not what I’d use to create a job application. Sitelok is, I’d suggest, mainly a membership package. MachForm is definitely what should be used for applications. Oh, and I forgot, MachForm also has a great set of logic. So, you can ask a question and then, depending upon the answer, display or not display other questions.

I had wondered about Machform but only had a quick look at their FAQ but wasn’t sure what it could do that met the OP’s question. Good to know that it could!

Only suggested Sitelok for the membership part of things so that someone could set up a user account to login/out and come back to comeplete an application.

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