The form are useless

None of the form purchase in the last few days are not working or there is no proper manual for them.

Sorry, you are having trouble. You’re going to have to be a little more specific.

  • What form did you purchase?
  • What specific problem are you having?

My guess is that it’s something you’re doing wrong. I’ve been using Rw for well over ten years, and I’ve never heard that the forms stacks don’t work (regardless of which developer you bought them from). As Doug says, you’ll need to be more specific in order for us to help you. A URL is always a good idea since it lets us see what’s going on in the background.

In addition to Rw solutions, you might also want to consider a solution such as MachForm. It’s super easy to create / edit / update forms - and just as easy to get the code into a Rw project.

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Are you guys hosting your own website?

The forms I’m using are Formulate, Formsnap3 and Potion Form Pro.

None work? I would put my money on a server configuration issue.


I’m using a Mac Pro has my server and an AMPPS as my Web Host. You guys ever configure any of these before?

I use to do website with adobe Muze and Wordpress and never have problem with configuring any of them.

Do you have php started and running on MAMP?

I have php on the AMPPS because im using other CMS which use php.

It could be a lot of things, make sure your admin email is set up correctly, the sendmail pipe and php are set up correctly, make sure your php config (php Ini ) are correct. Have you tried using smtp?

Are you getting error messages on the page? In the server logs?

Its not a could be, I have done it all and my php.ini is configured and smtp is good. I’m hosting Wordpress and Drupal. They are working perfectly!

And no errors in the server logs?

What’s more likely?
You found several form stacks in a row that don’t work (when there are no doubt thousands of instances working), or there is a config issue with your self installed server?

My money is still on a server config issue.

At any rate, you’re not giving anyone enough info to help you.


Formulate does not use PHP. Please read the product page again. It works in even the most hostile and trashiest hosting environments, like GoDaddy, 123reg, Zyma etc. where it is otherwise impossible to use conventional PHP forms without a massive ordeal of modifications and tip-toe setting changes. That was kind-of its original purpose. My guess is that the receiving email address is a dud, if you’re not even getting the form verification messages through to activate the form.

Everything isn’t good in your configuration. There’s literally thousands of thousands RapidWeaver forms being sent daily with the products you mentioned.

The answer is in the logs…


Watch Here to start off with:

You need to Buy Foundry as a Stack / Add-On and then Potion Pack as a second Stack / Add-On to get Forms Pro. LINKS / URLs: Foundry & Potion Pack => Purchase Foundry

From there it is all downhill once you watch the above YouTube Video.

If you would like I can try to help you via Remote Support (TeamViewer). I have been though it as I had to drop Wufoo Forms as they are raising their prices “To Match Their Marketplace” for the second time. If you want me to help you or at least try then the price for the Remote Support Session will be a smile and lets hope we can get it working.

Contact me via my website with the form I built in RapidWeaver from here: if you want to take me up on my offer to help you via Remote Support. Otherwise brows around the website I have created for myself with the forms I have created using Forms Pro. If I can do it so can you! :smiley:

Thank you for the offer but I figure it out. The problem was with my hosting server.

Thank you for you support guys. I’m having a different problem now. In foundry the reveal plugin is not working. It works only when you refresh the pages. Can you guy help me please?

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