Rapid Cart Pro Freezes and Crashes the site when using OPTIONS in ordering

(Jonee Pabiania) #1

Hi, Do any of you experienced having problems with Rapid Cart Pro 4 crashing the site when OPTIONS is implemented in the product ordering?

(Roberto Tremonti) #2

Please include the link to a test page experiencing this problem.

(Jonee Pabiania) #3

Hi Roberto, thanks for the reply. the link is utagg.it/shop .I disabled it because it crashes the server and affects all my hosted sites. Let me know when you are done testing so that I can turn it off when you are done. I’ll fire it up right now for your trouble shooting activities.

(Roberto Tremonti) #4

Where’s exactly the problem?
I could successfully add products to cart and proceed to payment.

(Jonee Pabiania) #5

try adding 2 or more quantities and filling up the options repeatedly and the you will notice that you wont be able to add more products because the site had crashed.

(Jonee Pabiania) #6

The problem happens when you enter a contact link value in one of the option fields in this format kontak.me/anyword

(Roberto Tremonti) #7

No problem here on Chrome and Safari.

(Jonee Pabiania) #8

have you done it multiple times? and other a quantity of more than one? That is really weird as I still experience the issue .

(Jonee Pabiania) #9

just right now, i cant access the site because i crashed it while ordering.

(Jonee Pabiania) #10

(Jonee Pabiania) #11

Where you able to replicate the issue?

(Jason Bostick) #12

I was able to add 3 tags, add a contact link, and start the checkout process as well. Using Chrome on a windows machine right now…

(Jason Bostick) #13

It was definitely slower the second time around (and it glitched for half a second as if it were going to timeout, but then it went through). Here’s my cart with items adding seperately.

(Jonee Pabiania) #14

I tried it on my end on different browsers. i can order on the 1st try, the second time I attempt to order another product model, and start filling up the options, it crashed again.

(Jonee Pabiania) #15

(Jason Bostick) #16

I think that is what flashed for me the second time when I added the orange tags, but then it loaded a split-second later…

(Jonee Pabiania) #17

it takes a minute for the site to come back online at my end. and it also crashes my other hosted site kontak.me I think they are sharing the same physical server in my hosting provider.

(Jonee Pabiania) #18

let me take a video …

(Jason Bostick) #19

I think I get what you’re seeing. I’m not sure its Rapidcart Pro, though. I know that is what sets it off but, it will go through technically, but it’s getting bogged down somewhere. Have you checked with your host?

(Jason Bostick) #20

You do have a fairly older PHP version (5.5.38). I don’t know if upgrading that would help or not…