Rapid Cart Pro 500 Error

I am new to rapid weaver, but am helping a client get his site up and running. His site is working fine through Rapid Weaver except for the pages that use Rapid Cart Pro. Here is an example. Rapid Cart Pro is set up for digital delivery from an S3 bucket. I have verified that the web server has the correct versions of PHP and TLS. Also I have verified that the region of the S3 buckets are compliant with Rapid Cart Pro.

The network request returns a 500 error when looking in the network tab at the request for the page.

When I try to “check deployed page” on the Rapid Weaver sidebar, I get directed to “http://acadgi.com/rapidcartpro/index.php?checklist”. This site returns a 500 error. Seems to be an issue with rapidcart. I submitted a ticket to them over a week ago, but have received nothing back. My customer wants his site up and running, as his business depends on it.

Any help would be much appreciated. @Rob.

Hi Johnny,

Rapid Cart Pro has given up. You should look for another e-commerce system. This topic is also covered in the new Realmac Community. You may get some more info there.



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