Rapid cart pro images

A few months ago I set up store using Rapid Cart Pro.

Since setting it up I have moved many of the images from the desktop where I loaded them into resources. So now these images no longer show up in my preview store.

I need to add a few more items in the store. Do I have to start again and load all those images that have been moved again? Or will the links work because the images are in the correct resources folder on my server.

I don’t dare add the new products incase I end up with lots and lots of gaps where images should be.

Any clues?

I need to update but don’t dare re publish until I get an answer


Hi Figory,
I assume your project is using pre-RW 7 “unpacked” resources.

RapidCart will warn you about missing resources and suggest to relink them. But even doing so, if your resources relative path didn’t change you shouldn’t encounter any issue.

Keep in mind that using RapidCart Pro remote resources or RW 7 “packed” resources will help making your projects more portable.

RapidCart Pro CSV export / import will also help if you’ll need to quickly change multiple resources path at once.

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