Rapid Cart Pro store image issues

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I am working on my sites online store. The issue I am having is where there should be a product image I just get a square. when I look at it in preview in RW. I have tried normalize images to see if that fixed things but no luck. I am somewhat new to RW. Anyone have any ideas on a fix? Here is a screen shot.



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SteveB what is warehousing in RW?

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Warehousing occurs when:

  • you first upload the image (optimized hopefully, sized correctly hopefully) to your server area
  • most FTP apps (Transmit, Cyberduck, etc.) have a way to easily copy URL of uploaded image
  • paste that URL into a relevant stack (that accepts links) or use as part of HTML or markdown code that you insert yourself

Warehousing has several advantages. One of which is the name you give to the image is the name on the server (RW transforms the image’s name into something obscure). But there are many other advantages as well.

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OK so I am getting the squares on the live site too. example can be found here

I have been adding images in RW under the media heading in folders if that makes sense.

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You need to add the images within RapidCart, where you add the products.

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OK that worked! Thank you. So now how do I add new images to “resources”?

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Not to hijack the stellar advice your getting, but (in case you haven’t seen it), they RCP manual has a handful of short videos that help walk you through your store setup. There’s a couple on adding resources as well.

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You can also look at the RapidWeaver manual about page 16:

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Thanks guys I really appreciate the help!

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