Rapid Cart Pro Missing orders

Today, I apparently had two orders from my webshop.

Neither shows up in the online admin page. One shows as a payment on Paypal.

The other has apparently vanished into the ether and I only know about it at all because the customer emailed me to check that I’d got it.

I haven’t changed any settings since the last order I received, which came though properly and shows up on the online admin and Paypal completely correctly.

Save Order Details is checked in the appropriate place.

Any clues please?

Did you try contacting rapidcart support?

@Albertkinng Albert,
Not sure what that screenshot is from?
When I said contact support I meant to use there support email address `help@4gnd.com.
Not sure if 4 ground isn’t answering or not. They do have a history of “going dark” for support.
@rob @gibo ?

No, we aren’t “going dark”.
We simply don’t (always) monitor RW Community Forums for support on our products.
This is why I don’t accept PM anymore.

As said by @teefers, we provide support thru help@4gnd.com as written in documentation:
General Support


I will send an email then. I’ve been trying to contact @rob for a while with no luck, maybe I was trying with the wrong contact options. hopefully he get my email now.

Turns out the second customer’s payment hadn’t gone through, so it may be a Paypal issue.

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