Rapid Cart Pro | Settings Returning to Default on Publish

So far I have had two setting that have “reset” on me several times.

The first is the “Store Name”, I have deleted this value so as to display no name. However, the value of “Store” has been put back into it several times now. I don’t know what causes it as it does not happen overtime.

The second, it the enabling of “Open New Window” for the url of the Product Page. This option is reset without the target="_blank" being added to the published url.

Unfortunately labels in Localization window cannot be empty.
You can use a space but even if empty store title still takes up some space.
I suggestion you to use a simple CSS rule for the page.

h1 { display: none; }

“Open New Window” option is provided by RapidWeaver, at the moment there’s no way for RapidCart Pro to check if the option is enabled.
So all links are opened on the same window.

Hmm… I already have an H1 on a different part of the page. I’ll have to reconsider my design since I don’t want to have two H1 on a page.

Would it be possible to put the option directly into the RCP settings so that is is processed? For the products marked “unavailable” I would like to have the product pages launch in a new tab.

Just change CSS rule to hide only the first H1 tag, or something similar.
BTW semantically speaking, only one H1 tag should be displayed in a page.

Consider your suggestion noted in our to-do list.