Rapid cart Pro Question re Versions

(E) #1

Im using Rapid Cart Pro
Its really great.
I’m using the RCP Grid stack
I can’t find if there is a way to loose that word VERSIONS above the add to cart button. I am selling one off paintings so there are no additional versions

(Jochen Abitz) #2

I have the same “problem”. My fix is to remove the word “Versions” from the product part of Customization/Localization. If you update RCP, the word needs again to be removed.

Would be nice if this would be optional.

(E) #3

oh Thank you jochenabitz

(Roberto Tremonti) #4

As suggested by @jochenabitz, removing translation of Versions is the only way to hide the word from default product page, but you shouldn’t need to remove it every time you update RCP. Could you confirm, @jochenabitz?

Anyway, I suggest to use RapidCart Pro Stacks if you want to fully customize a product page.
Here’s an example.

(Jochen Abitz) #5

Hi rob,
i have to remove it after updating RCP. I think all fields which are removed are filled with standard text after updating. But i have to watch this better next time, because i am relative new to RCP.

(Roberto Tremonti) #6

So just use a space.

(Jochen Abitz) #7

I am sure this will work. :slight_smile:

(E) #8

Yes I have never had to re do it and I update RCP many times a day