RapidCart + Stacks Problems

Hi there,

I try to achieve the following setup.

Via stacks+foundation I want to setup several single product-pages with two of the rapidcart-stacks: cart+product.

I added a new product to the rapidcart-store-page and in the corresponding product-page I fill in the product ID und the SKU Version number. If I’m uploading the page, the correct product is shown up. Perfect. But when I’m hitting the add to cart button, the cart stays empty. And when I’m clicking the cart button (the blue one by default) I get “Not Found - The requested URL was not found on this server.”

So my question is simple: what step did I forgot or what do I have to do that the chosen product adds to the cart and how do I achieve the checkout pages via the Cart-Button.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi. This is not going to be very helpful, but I just tried to configure a product just as you explain you did, and it’s working fine ; I can click the “Add to cart” button, and the item is in the cart…

Does in work, in your situation, in the “classic” Store stack page ? (I mean the page where you placed your Store stack and where every product is displayed automatically).

It might be helpful if you could give a URL to the site.

@rob @gibo

As always the problem is in front of the screen.
My testpage has a folder where I put my stuff in. From time to time I republish or delete the testpages and I just chose the wrong path for upload.

The function of the page wasn’t a problem. But the shop doesn’t take the websitename.xy/testfolder/shoppage path. It was just websitename.xy/shoppage - so it’s quite clear, why it didn’t work.
Now for sure: close please :wink:


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