Rapid Weaver 6.3.1 constant Crashing

Since upgrading to 6.3.1 when I go to preview page it crashes.It only seems to happen on pages which have a lot more information on them. Ive tried a total re-install but still the same. Im using iMac with 16gb ram and i7 so plenty if processing power. The website size is 331mb.I hate to say it but Im really not trusting this update. RW 5 seemed so much more fun to use. Anyway anyone have any thoughts? PROBLEM SOLVED. with the aid of time machine Ive got back to 6.3. This has stopped the crashing.

I believe your experience is atypical. But sorry.

Have you any old, not updated, or otherwise perhaps not fully-matched Addons?

What happens with a new project using only RW Themes etc?

I am not sure whether or not this has something to do with your problem, but I have experienced something similar in the past, when I’ve been updating on a prompt pushed to me automatically on the launching of RW, the new version was giving me trouble.

That was one or two major versions ago. Since then, I changed my tactics. I just download the new version by hand and remove the old version, also manually. Somehow, I don’t have those problems anymore. :relieved:

Hi Mark. Well in some ways Im glad Im not the only one! As far as I can see the only add-ons I have are blocks and stacks which are both up to date-Ill have another look but Im pretty certain there the only ones

Hi Reverted. Ive also downloaded manually and replaced the old version. As mentioned I did with the aid of CleanApp do a total re-install but still getting this crash on preview

Does your project use the Blocks plugin? Give 6.3.2 Beta a spin:


I did try 6.3.2 but it was doing a very strange thing. A dialogue box box kept coming down saying export page… so gave up on ti

What exactly was the alert saying?

Exporting Clips for sale Page 6- it keeps coming down all the time-like on a repeat! Sorry Im not that technical lol

No worries :slight_smile: The easiest way might be to record your screen, using QuickTime’s File menu → New Screen Recording option to show the issue, and send us a copy of the video - support@realmacsoftware.com


Just organising that now nike. I do have cocktail app running every morning to clean catches and permissions-could that en anything to do with it?

I’m getting this problem on hitting preview too - the only plug in I have is Blocks and that is up to date. Desperate for a solution!

If you’re seeing crashing on Preview when using Blocks, please give the 6.3.2 beta a spin.


I have installed the beta version, and now RW doesn’t crash completely when I click on Preview, but the preview window just keeps reloading, over and over again. I have to quit.
Help! I need to update my website.

This is due to a bug in Blocks: you may want to downgrade to 6.3.0 from http://realmacsoftware.com/RapidWeaver/releasenotes in the meantime.

I had the same I went back to 6.2

Me too, Jspringate. Hopefully, things seem to be back to normal.

Spoke too soon - 6.2.4 is still crashing on Preview.

If you’re experiencing crashes, please use the built-in reporter (and enter your email address used with your forum account) so we can track them down. Please include some steps to reproduce the issue in the latest version of RW and we’ll take a look at it!