RW 7 also on Mac App Store?

Will RW 7 also available on the Mac App Store ?

Now only an old version 5 on the Mac App store (which seems not handy to me)

RapidWeaver 7 is not currently on the Mac App Store.

We are waiting to see if any improvements are announced at WWDC in a couple of weeks before deciding if we will submit it.

For now, you can purchase RapidWeaver 7 directly on our store:

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@ben Wish I would have waited… there is too much going wrong. I couldn’t install all the add-ons from RW6-7, said I didn’t have enough start up space. Deleted tons of stuff, movies, photos, large files, used CleanMyMac 3 and reloaded in RW7 watched it eat up 30 GB and still couldn’t load WeaverPix, I don’t have that many add-ons. I ended up uninstalling RW7 :weary:

Please make sure that all your addons are updated and compatible with Rapidweaver 7 and you’re using Stacks 3.1 (just updated). I think WeaverPix hasn’t been updated for Rapidweaver 7.

Hi Ben,

Any news about if RW7 will be available on Mac App Store?