New and latest Stacks plug-in (3.6.4.?)

I just updated my Stacks plug-in, I believe it was 3.6.4., I’m not completely sure. Anyway, after restarting RapidWeaver opening my project all the images text, etc. are gone. What to do now. Is it possible to go back to an older version? Would that restore my project?

Hello, you can simply go back to the previous version by replacing the file “Stacks.rapidweaverplugin”. This file is visible through the Preferences -> Addons -> Plugins -> YourHead Software -> Stacks: the interface will also give you the version number of the plugin.
Then click on the button “Reveal in Finder”, you will be directed to the location of the plugin “Stacks”. Quit the Rapidweaver application. Return to the Finder and the window containing all the extensions: you can then replace “Stacks.rapidweaverplugin” by its previous version. :wink:

The old Stacks plugin is automatically put in your Trash - drag it out - In RW8, from Rapidweaver 8 in the menu, select “Reveal Addons folder” - drop the old stacks in there and replace the existing one.

Thanks for the answers and explanations. I did replace the Stack 3.6.4. to 3.6.3. but that didn’t solve the problem. All the Images and video’s from Galleries, and more are empty. Does somebody know a solution to restore this simply?

I would contact @Isaiah on his slack channel

Time Machine?

Dave you are right, stupid that I didn’t think about that. I have only a problem that I don’t have a recent copy because my Time machine is full. You know how that goes when you notice that issue, every time you think I will manage that a bit later or tomorrow, I’m too busy now. Too late, I have a lot of work to do now. Thanks for your mind sharing.

Did you by chance select to have the project backuped on your server (a setting in the publishing settings). Then you just have to use FTP to look on your server and download the file…

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TimeMachine should never get full; it should remove older backups to make room for the newer files.

Jan (@Fuellemann) might have the only other solution I could think of, unless you’re using one of many online backup services like BackBlaze that runs in the background.

An old I.T. saying I live by “your data is only as good as your last backup”.

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