Stacks updater in RW7 trial version?

Can anyone confirm that the stacks updater doesn’t work in the Rapidweaver 7 trial/demo version?
And if so does it start working when the licence has been purchased?
Am slightly tearing my hair out - have been told that RW7 trial doesn’t look for plug in updates, but the Stacks updater doesn’t work either!! (Just doesn’t seem to look - the progress bar zooms along and says ‘no updates’)

Thanks for any help

You can always grab the latest version of Stacks (now 3.2) at

I already have it!! even went to the lengths of removing the first trial copy of RW7 including all addon and prefs files. downloaded it again and installed. All addons copied over successfully (and in the correct location) from RW6 - all at latest versions - stacks and plugins.
BUT whenever there is an update available for a stack - it shows in the updater and updates in RW6 but NOT in my RW7
Thats my issue…

If RW is good enough for you to trial stacks and stick through to their updates, then you should purchase RW then :slight_smile:

It’s worth it.

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So you are sure you have two locations for your addons, one for RW6, one for RW7?

In Stacks 3, you are able to open the developer console which put out log information about the update process.

Yes was first thing I checked, both RW6 and RW7 have there separate addon folders and both seem to be in the correct places
How do i access the developer console?
Have been in touch with Christi at Yourhead and we are both stumped by this!!


Just wanted to post that the issue was resolved. Something with the user’s set up was blocking it.

Christi Carew
YourHead Software