Rapid Weaver not updating files on iCloud

I have a strange error and I want to find out if anyone else has a similar problem?

We are a web design house and we use Rapid Weaver exclusively. In order to be able to access files from anywhere we are using a shared iCloud for storage.

We find that, sometimes, when one user has worked on a file, and another user opens it, the previous changes do not reflect. This happens even after making sure it is completely downloaded from iCloud and the previous user has definitely saved and closed the file on their side. It is as if RW(?) keeps the original file although it “saves” it on iCloud with a new date and/or time.

Anyone ever had the same, or perhaps an idea to the solution?

You can zip the file after working on it, upoad it and then the next one downloads it. This should always include the changes.

Thanks Jan. That is an option to consider.

A workaround I’ve used before – creating a folder – forces iCloud to update in the time it takes to get af cup of coffee (beers on fridays) – then delete folder again.

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Beers on Friday sounds good.

Please excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by “af”?


I think a typo - “a folder”

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Aaaahhh! So the Friday beers started early. :grin: :beers:

I had the same problem and stopped working with icloud for this.
With dropbox i did not have these problems.

@pfroelicher That’s interesting. I dropped Dropbox because of the very same issue and now use iCloud. I also tried Sync, but eventually noticed the same issue. Probably the most important consideration is to give any cloud drive time to sync. I wish iCloud could be forced to sync with some type of refresh button, but moving a file in and and eventually out of the drive also triggers sync as noted above.

I suppose we are expecting too much from iCloud, Dropbox, etc. for now. I’m sure it will soon catch up. Perhaps the solution is to work on your local drive and upload to iCloud or Dropbox, etc once done (as Jan @Fuellemann said right in the beginning!). That way you can be sure the file in the hosted storage is complete and ready for use by someone else. Bit of a schlep though. :face_with_monocle:

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But thanks for the input. It really helped me to get to the root of the problem.

I really can only give the advice to use a versioning system like GitHub for sharing the RW project file.


Ok, thanks Jannis @instacks. Never thought of that. Github has always been more of a developer’s hub for me than somewhere to share project files, but it makes sense!

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