Rapid weaver "Unable to Save" Error

I have been getting this error too, especially after making many changes to a Stack page and forgetting to save frequently. I lost a whole bunch of work this way. I am finding that saving as a new file name seems to be working now, but this problem is extremely disconcerting and I have not gotten any response from Realmac to a query on the subject. The popup window says to contact support if the error keeps happening. Continuing the discussion from Rapidweaver "Unable to Save" Error:

I went through a stretch where I’d get that error pretty frequently. Fortunately, the duplicating option always worked out for me and I didnt lose any major chunks of work. There didnt seem to be much rhyme or reason for when it happened to me.

For what it’s worth, I was in since the first round of beta testers and I havent seen the error in my RW 7 adventures.

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I now find the duplicating working, as well as saving to the desktop. Also, I now save frequently - very very frequently. That seems to be the main cure. Thanks for your input.

Do you have any idea when RW7 will appear?