Rapid Weaver Version 8.0.3 keeps crashing on saving

I have updated to Rapid Weaver Version 8.0.3, I’ve made sure all Addons are up to date. I’ve opened a version of a site started in Rapid Weaver 7, it made a new copy of the site but I can not save that version as it keeps crashing, all I get is the circle spinning and when I enquiry it say the application is not responding.

Let it spin for few minutes. The process of conversion is rather slow—depending on quantity of add-ons and complexity of your pages. My main site took over 11 minutes to convert fully.

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I’m using RW 8.0.3 with all plugins updated. When I close a project, RW crashes. If I have more than one project open, RW crashes when I close the final project left open. I’m using macOS 10.13.6. I mainly use the Foundation theme but also have one big project in theme Flood - both these themes are the latest versions. I have filed a report on one of the latest crashes. Any help would be much appreciated as always please.


Are your plugins stored locally or on a remote server like Dropbox or iCloud?

Locally, @Fuellemann

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