RapidCart Pro: Stacks not displaying store items

New RCP user. Finally updating my store. Just bought RCP Advanced to allow for digital downloads.

I have entered four items in my store, complete with photos, discriptions, pricing and shipping. Tried loading the various stacks that came with RCP into a new page, and none seem to work. Documentation on the manual page seems to indicate these should automatically populate with items in the store based on category or tag. INstead I get placeholders and “lorem ipsum” text.

I have published the main SCP page to my website (not as a draft, but hidden in navigation). Documentation on these stacks is pretty much non-existent, and I don’t see many options for customization in the Page Inspector for these stacks.

Any idea what I’m missing? I’ve heard (now that I’ve already purchased it) that support for RCP is pretty bad, and there seems to be no way to contact them on their support page. Yeesh.

Thank you in advance for any help for this newbie.


General FAQs - How can I get support for your products?

Drop an email to help@4gnd.com .

Our staff is available Monday to Friday 10.00 - 18.00 CET and will answer to all your questions.

Customer service is time consuming and subtracts resources which could be used to improve existing products and develop new ones. When opening a support ticket, PLEASE:

  1. Read FAQs and product manuals first ;
  2. Choose an appropriate and explanatory subject for your request;
  3. Do not send multiple support requests for the same problem;
  4. Do send different support requests for different problems;
  5. Do not attach your license file nor license code;
  6. If your inquiry is about RapidWeaver plug-ins, include a link to your published product page.
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In RCP settings be sure you’ve set the domain URL correctly.

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Thank for this! Much appreciated. They did not list this address on their RCP support page, unless I looked right through it, which is entirely possible.

I am looking at my setup, and I’m not sure if I am seeing this. (Sorry for my cluelessness.) Are you referring to the “General” section in the Inspector?

RCP requires the exact url that the store is published to (i.e. www or no www). Generally people pick one version and set up a redirect to the chosen version in htaccess. If you have www in your RW publishing and project settings, you have to use that for your store url in RCP4, and conversely if you do not have www in in your RW publishing and project settings, then the url for the RCP store should not have www either.

In RCP Customization > Settings > General > Stacks Store URL must match RW Settings > General > Web Address and Settings > Publishing > Website Address

Also, the RCP stacks have settings in the Page Inspector UI. For example the RCP Grid Stack:

Have you tried the debugging link:

Checklist and Debug

After first publishing, RapidCart Pro offers the chance to check if your web server satisfies RapidCart requirements. You can be redirected to checklist page pushing Check your deployed page… button, available from plugin’s inspector about panel. This page is also available simply adding ?checklist at the end of your store’s URL (e.g. http://www.domain.com/store/index.php?checklist ).

If you encounter any issues with your RapidCart Pro store, enable Debug Mode from Customization Settings in General section, republish your page and open a support ticket . Don’t forget to include your store URL in your request.


Thanks again, David. I have tried matching all three locations, but the Stacks still do not register anything with the store, and I now receive an error message saying my URLs don’t match, even though they seem to. (I have played around with the stack settings in the Inspector, but haven’t been able to see any changes.)

I will pursue help from their help email address and see what i can learn. If I do, I will be sure to update here with the solution.

Thanks again!

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Have you tried this? Also, if you have a URL for the store that would help us to troubleshoot. Otherwise we’re mostly speculating in the dark.

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I did, thanks. I have attached some screen grabs from the resulting page.

The RCP store url is currently: RCP Test page | Neil Patton

Here is the full Checklist page:

Here are the two error messages:

Thanks again for input and time.


Obvious things first: Have you entered your email and Stripe details correctly?

Does your server support PHP Mail? (Which I’m assuming is what the first error relates to.)

I would also be inclined to turn off the database (browser-side stock management) feature for now. Keep things as simple as poss to start with.

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Hi Neil, I think the developer of RCP @rob should help. One thing is the MySQL doesn’t support connections of root user (admin) without password any longer.
Setting a password for ‘root’ may resolve this issue. There may be more remedies to get it up & running.

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Thanks, everyone! I have some more homework to do. Tech support at RCP were able to clarify some things for me. I did not realize that ALL store-related pages had to be published, not just the main store page. I was hoping that the Product and Grid stack pages could be previewed from within Rapid Weaver, once the store was published, but that is not the case. They must be published, as well. They suggested that I set up a local web-server to do my development work before publishing at large. Looking into that now. In designing my own websites before, I’ve never run into this requirement, but then I’m still quite inexperienced.

If I get some progress, I’ll post again here.

Thank all, again!


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@npatton You are running PHP 5.4.
RapidCart Pro requires PHP 5.6 or higher as written in documentation.

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Thank you, Roberto! I will look into why this is so. I saw those requirements in the documentation. I had the understanding that my host was current on PHP requirements. Apparently they are not.


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