RapidCart error message on RW8.8 update

Just updated to RW8.8 and now see this message at the top of all my pages within RW - what does it mean and what do I do about it please! I’m using RapidCart Pro

@rob any thoughts

Don’t know if it is relevant but are you using an intel or new M1 mac. I believe only a handful of plugins are ‘universal’ so you may have to run under Rosetta? If this is the case here’s a link: https://help.realmacsoftware.com/kb/guide/en/m1-based-macs-and-rapidweaver-Yl87eQEMUP/Steps/262176

Hey @TEH
It seems that output code is corrupted when you publish or preview the page.
You should contact RapidWeaver support.

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thanks @rob though it seems to have disappeared now and my website seems to be functioning ok… so maybe it was just a glitch??

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