RapidCart Plugin not recognized

(David Kuchenbecker) #1

I’m probably doing something silly, but after updating RapidWeaver to version 8 (through Setapp), my website no longer find the RapidCart plugin. I purchased the new RC software, installed it, can find it in the Preferences pane, but when I open the site with a store on it, I get an error that it is missing.

I’m running High Sierra (no betas), and think I have all the latest of everything. I have uninstalled and reinstalled RW8, installed the plugin numerous times, and rebooted. What am I doing wrong?


(Gilberto De Faveri) #3

We do not usually provide support thru this forum. Drop an email to help@4gnd.com to get support for our plugins. Please include any additional information, log, screenshot that can help us better understanding your issue.


(system) #4

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