Rapidcart pro 4 store eco

Has anyone set up a online store using Rapidcart Pro 4? I just purchased it because people said it was easy but there is way too much information and their manual does not seem to have how I link the payments to my secured business account. I hope there is some tutorial that covers this indepth. The link is www.comidapaws.com. I have one product that I want to set up but don’t know where to link it all in their [cart] , [settings] etc. I would appreciate the help thanks much.

Your best bet might be to sign up for a free trial with Rapidweaver Classroom. There is a series on Rapidcart Pro and it is very well done and easy to follow


Thank you Jabostick I will look into it.

Well Jabostick, I did sign up and it is a waste. I can’t even get the (paypal) payment feature on my webpage. The classroom tells me to go into the developers page (which has changed so this needs to be updated because it doesn’t look anything like it) . I manage to find the (dashboard) but once I get into the section where I have to create the app it is grayed out (It will not let me) . unless there is a missing step not mention in the classroom section . There is a generate a live access token but I did not because the instruction did not say to do it. I’ve wasted time on the phone with paypal and they are telling me I need to contact a different department that specialize in that. So bottom line I am too frustrated to be bothered.