Email problems Rapid Cart Pro

Recently orders are not being emailed to me, and I only find out through Stripe or PayPal.It used to work and I was not aware of any change in settings. However I have tried to test on direct order and this is the message I get:
Email to buyer:
SMTP connect() failed.

Email to seller:
SMTP connect() failed.

If it was working , you made no changes and it stopped, something changed at your hosting co. Contact them and see what they did.

Thank you for the suggestion.I have raised a support ticket and we will see what they have to say.

I have the same problem. I had Rapidwaever5 with rapidcart 3 and on Monday I didn’t receive any mails any more when a client placed an order. I have updated to Rapidwaever 7 with rapidcart pro, but it still doesn’t work. I have send a mail to rapidcart. It seems I am not the only one…

Is there already a solution please?

Have either of you tried using RCP’s checklist to see if there are any errors? It is: (fill in with your appropriate URL path)

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The link doesn’t work and the guys from rapid cart don’t answer, so I don’t know for the moment…

What is the address of your website store?

Try this


Thankyoufor the tip.
I get:
Error receiving Stripe settings
Error retrieving PayPal settings
Error retrieving email settings

Not sure about the first two as both Stripe and PayPal work as far as receiving and recording payments; it is just that I cannot receive email notifications.

That checklist doesn’t necessarily fix anything but it can (sometimes) help narrow things down or give you an idea of what to look for. With the email one, maybe it is a question for the host as much as it is the Rapidcart Pro guys (just speculating).

You also have an older version of PHP. I’m not sure that updating that will help the other things but just something I noticed…

The PHP version your running was not been supported for over 2 years(including security updates). It may not solve your problems, but you should definitely get it updated.

Thank you. I have updated php to 5.5 and no error shows on the check list for the stripe and PayPal settings - so that at any rate is now fine. However, I still get the email error message. I am working on it by checking all settings carefully with Rapid cart and with the host.

you should go to at least 5.6 as this is the oldest supported version, and it is in Security fixes only mode, 7.x would be better.

Thanks again, but 5.5 was the top version on offer from my host.

My hosting service has undertaken checks and found no errors. They also say that they have made no changes at their end.
Could the problem originate from Rapidcart Pro? It may take a while to find out as they are usually slow to respond to support queries.

Same here, still no response. Now I get 1 mail-notification/day and that’s it. So it seems that a client can place 1 order, we both receive an e-mail notification of that order and that’s it for that day. Then you have to wait for 24hours and it works again. The time in between you can place orders, but nobody gets an mail notification…
Can you help us please, because it is ridiculous how long it takes before they help you…

I’ve just processed an order today and the only reason I knew about it was because I had an email from PayPal. I then had to send an email to the customer asking hi what it was that he ordered I have had several like this. Clearly this can’t go on, so I am going to delete the site tonight and reload it from scratch. If that fails then I will have to go to another commerce program and go through all the pain of rebuilding. I’m not happy.

I’ve just solved y own problem. In Customization/Settings/SMTP I found the "Use External SMTP was checked. I unchecked it and the RapidcartPro default works. Bingo!