RapidCart Pro 4?

I am looking at building a site with RapidCart Pro 4. My site is currently running prestashop but I would much prefer using RapidWeaver to rebuild it, as it’s not just an commerce site anymore.
Here are my pros & cons as I see it for RCP4:

  1. Looks easy to setup & maintain
  2. Integrates with Rapidweaver
  3. Looks pretty good
  4. No monthly cost
  5. I have been reading on this forum that the support is quite poor.
  6. Would like a navigation bar to link to categories (not just tags & categories which look disordered)
  7. Would need to manually create invoices & delivery notes.

If anyone has experience of RCP4 or has any suggestions regarding ecommerce for RW it would be most welcome

I have used Rapidcart Pro for a few years. The product is first rate, as is the customer support. When I had a problem configuring it, they stayed with me, with prompt responses, until the problem was solved.

I use it for an online store selling physical and digital copies of my music (see below). I use it with Paypal, and the delivery notices are handled there. I don’t invoice, so I can’t comment on that.

Terry Vosbein

Thanks Terry
As a newbie I’m interested to know how you have a separate page for catalog items with Rapidcart Pro.
I don’t seem to be able to achieve that.


The pages for each Compact Disc are created manually using the RapidCart Stacks.

The SHEET MUSIC Main Page is created using the RapidCart Grid Stacks, using Keyword filters to separate the various sections.

The individual pages for the Sheet Music Store use the Cart to create each individual product page.

You have more control making individual pages for each product, as I did for the CDs. But it is much more tedious, and I have a lot of sheet music.

I use Foundation, but the Cart page doesn’t use the Foundation theme, and so the individual product pages it creates are not in Foundation. I wish there was an easy way around this. maybe there is.

Terry Vosbein