RapidCart Pro with RW Classic. Important!

If you are using RapidCart Pro version 5.0.4 (the latest) and RapidWeaver Classic it will only work up to RWC 8.10.5.
If you update beyond RWC 8.10.5 Rapidcart Pro will not work so go to Realmac and download 8.10.5 to get back on track.

I have been using RapidCart Pro for many years and it works great but Foreground have stopped supporting it. It would be fantastic if somebody woud take over (or buy) RCP as it is pretty much the only good plug in for running a webshop. You can check mine at www.earthingpeople.se/en/ for an example. I am posting this to help others

Thanks @Blomman,

Looks like you’ve been using RapidCart Pro for 7 years!

It was a great product, but it’s true Foreground is no longer selling, supporting, or developing RapidCart Pro and they haven’t been for a long while now.

There are some really nice eCommerce products/solutions that are still being sold, supported, and developed for RapidWeaver, some of which are newly released. I think at some point you might have to switch to an eCommerce solution that is still being sold, supported, and developed, because eventually RapidCart Pro is gonna break due to some macOS or web technology update.

@MrMacvos @RicardoR @vibralogix all have some really great eCommerce products we’d recommend checking out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like I’ll end up at Shopify eventually. Thanks for the tips though.

No problem. I’ve tried Shopify in the past. Admittedly it was a long while ago, but I didn’t really like the platform so much. It was limiting and a bit difficult to set up. Maybe it’s gotten better since then, but I didn’t revisit a try.

Good luck with whatever solution you come up with. Let us know your experience if you land on something that you like. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, sadly RCP 5 has become unworkable for me, which is a great pity as it was a very elegant package and there is nothing else quite like it. Even using RWC 8 is sketchy, as you have to stay with PHP 7, which has become untenable. Attempts were made, I know, to acquire it from Foreground but these were not successful and they have clearly abandoned it, so I would not hold out any hope of salvation.

Personally, I have just relaunched an established RCP e-commerce website using Ecwid, choosing this platform (others are available) in particular as it works in combination with Axyn’s Ecwid Pro stacks, which give you a lot more flexibility to incorporate the platform into a RW project. Ecwid do in fact provide a Rapidweaver shopping cart extension, but Axyn’s stacks are better. Yes there is Ecwid’s annual fee for the client to pay, but that is not so bad, and the Ecwid platform and management system seems excellent. It does not have quite the same product search benefits as RCP (e.g. tags), but once you adjust your thinking it does a great job, and looks great.


Andrew: I’m sure all you write is correct, but I’d like to clarify one small part of your post. You write the RWC 8 is sketch and you have to stay with PHP 7. It’s the first time I"ve heard about this!

I’m using RW 8.9.3 along with PHP 8.0.1 or 8.0.2. At any rate that combination has been rock solid for me. No “sketchiness” involved. Perhaps you are using a different version of RW or a different version of PHP. But for other readers of this post … RW8 and PHP v8 can run very smoothly together.

Hi Matthew. Aha, well perhaps I gained that impression somewhere along the way but I was evidently incorrect - I am glad RCP is still hanging in there for you, and I do feel your pain and frustration about its future. I never put the PHP aspect to the test, but as trying PHP8 seemed to break several other older data-oriented platforms (that I have now updated) perhaps I just assumed it would break RCP. I think it was just that the writing was clearly on the wall that I migrated away before it all ground to a halt for some reason and I ended up with a big problem on my hands and a very unhappy client!

Have a look here: SDS82 - Webshop stack

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