Rapidcart pro checkout problem

I can now add items to the cart and I can then get as far as selecting the payment methods (Paypal, Stripe etc), but it refuses to go any further , regardless of which payment method I select?
Any help very gratefully received.

You have a URL?

Hi Doug…yes, the cart is now filling, but will not take me to PayPal…?


It’s working for me in Firefox, MS Edge and Safari, I added both to cart and was able to click the cart button and they both are in the cart:

You might try clearing the browser cache or try a differnet computer/browser

hi Doug…sorry, yes you’re right I managed to get that to work, it does now add to the cart, and I can add details like email and address…it just won’t make the last step of going to the payment sight (Paypal)…(thanks for your help!) J

The theme (Serenade) is loading Google fonts from an insecure URL, http instead of https which is giving errors.

Whether that’s the issue causing the payment page not to load, I’m not 100% sure. But it’s not helping. There are also some other console errors being thrown up by theme.

I’d try using a more up to date theme, at least to troubleshoot the errors.

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