Rapidcartpro disappeared from my computer


I have been with rapidweaver since 2005.
After 2 weeks of painstakingly hard work on setting up a website with rapidweaver 8, business theme and adding rapidcart pro for the catalog and payment, When I tried sanbox for paypal it started acting up so I went live with it.
The moment I uploaded it with go daddy, the plug in rapidcart pro disappeared from my computer forbidding me to upload further the site at the time?!?!?

I try to re-download rapidcart pro. the plug in will NOT re-intall? of course I had lost all my catalog and pictures and what not by then
For the time being I have managed with pay pal buttons directly under each stacks buttons everywhere but it is a mess.
I would appreciate some enlightenment as well as some videoS from the developer/authors in order to understand better this plug in
A very disappointed customer.

Had the same issue but have taken the rapid cart update and all is good now.

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Rapidcart has just issued an update today…


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