Apple Pay... is it available for my webstore?

I wonder if I can add Apple Pay to my website? If possible how? I’m using RapidCart, not RC Pro, as of now and can, if it’s possible, this work with Apple pay?

I think it may be coming for Cartloom 4, but don’t quote me on it. I seem to remember that from the chat/discussion at the rapidweaver conference but I could be wrong.

Also, Stripe’s website says it has Apple pay integration ( but i don’t know how that might translate to Rapidcart (@rob?) or even one of @yuzool’s Stripe stacks

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Thanks @jabostick - yes we’re looking at how to incorporate that :wink:

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Apple Pay requires you to get a Apple Developer account and generate a certificate to securely handle transactions.

RapidCart Pro is not a centralized payment gateway like other services so all users that want to sell using Apple Pay should get their own Apple Developer account and certificate.

We are not planning to introduce Apple Pay support in RapidCart Pro at the moment.

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