RapidCart Pro problems

Hi @rob. Some help please.
Struggling to get this site running properly. http://www.bowlsonlinewa.com.au
I have seen a few threads that say the RW settings url should match where the site should point. I have done that.
Ive also seen that the cart stack cannot be on the page with the store stack. Ive done that.

2 problems i have are that i can’t get the store to show on the page: http://www.bowlsonlinewa.com.au/store and if the store stack is enabled, with the link to the page in settings, the product pages do not allow the product to be added to the cart.

Help me out. I need to get this sorted asap.

Cheers for your ears.

Anyone else have any hints on this?

@gibo …?

Sorry for my late reply, @bitbumpy.
I guess you are referring to the Catalog stack.
Yes, I confirm that you need to remove the Cart stack inside a Stacks page that embeds a Catalog stack.
This issue will be fixed in next updates.

I don’t have issue with catalog stack though.

Store stack here: http://www.bowlsonlinewa.com.au/store doesn’t display.

But also: when enabled, products cannot be added to cart.

Still problem with this…

I tested your project and Store stacks is correctly displayed.

Updated to Stacks 3.2.6b1 beta and republished. Seems to have fixed it.