RapidCart Pro Starter

Can anyone help a novice user please. Just purchased this Addon. 3 queries:

  1. Why does the “please register” box keep appearing when using SmartPreview as I have already registered my copy of RapidCart Pro ?

  2. How can I get rid of the “search” section of the page. I only have 2 products to sell - tickets.

  3. I cannot seem to enter my PayPal payment details? Do I have to publish first do this ?

I am using Naviogator theme. My site is www.leosjourney.ie

Any help welcome.

RapidCart Pro Starter does not include a SmartPreview license. Contact us if you need to upgrade to Advanced.

Uncheck Show Search in Customization > Settings > Catalog > Toolbar section and republish.

Seller details can be entered in Cart > Payment > PayPal section. More info in the manual.

Be sure you’re running latest RapidCart 4.6.1 which fixes an issue with PayPal found in previous 4.6.0.

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