Rapidmaps 3 Support - where is it?

(David Townend) #1

I am new to the forum and have not used RW in a few years now! Apologies in advance if I am not posting correctly…My question is has anyone had problems trying to contact Rapidmaps support? I have just updated my plug-in from 2 to 3 and need some help, but all the links to their support sites are down.
Thank you for any pointers. Best, David

(Rob Beattie) #2

I’m afraid there are quite a few tales of woe on here of people struggling to contact the 4ground people - mainly about RapidCart. They are still around so I’d persist.

Maybe tagging @gibo who’s the developer may get you an answer.

Good luck.


(David Townend) #3

Thanks Rob,
I have tagged Gilberto.
Best wishes, David

(David) #4

May as well tag @rob as well. He has been seen here much more recently than @gibo.

(Roberto Tremonti) #5

Hi @DavidTee,
support for all our plugins is available at http://help.4gnd.com.

RapidMaps 3 supports responsive layouts.
Just set map’s width to 100% and use it in a responsive theme.

(David Townend) #6

Hi Roberto (and Gilberto),
Thank you for getting in touch and fixing the links. All good and running as expected now. Much appreciated.
Best wishes, David

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