RapidWeaver 6.3.1 Beta 2

Hi guys

Lots more goodness in the latest 6.3.1 beta - we’re aiming to launch this update later in the month.


  • Adds a new preference to disable the generation of Quick Look previews.
  • RapidWeaver Addons Manager now displays the version of themes, plugins and stacks.
  • Improved HTML output for links (RapidWeaver now only includes the rel= attribute when a link is intended to be opened in a new window).
  • The Replace Page feature, allowing you to change a page’s plugin type, makes a welcome return!


  • Fixes a problem where the Theme Browser wouldn’t immediately show your currently-selected theme when opening the Theme Browser.
  • Fixes a problem where a malformed Theme Style could potentially cause RapidWeaver to crash.
  • Fixes a problem where the QuickTime plugin could cause RapidWeaver to crash.
  • Fixes a problem where returning to a particular scroll location in Preview mode could cause RapidWeaver to quit.
  • Fixes a problem with RapidWeaver’s syntax highlighting that, when the app was modified or OS X’s Decompression utility failed to unzip the app properly, could cause RapidWeaver to crash.
  • Fixes a problem with syntax highlighting where a missing font could cause RapidWeaver to crash.
  • Fixes a problem where RapidWeaver may behave erratically when your previously-selected Default Theme’s name changes.
  • Fixes a problem where RapidWeaver would only export the top-level menu on subpages (e.g. on blog permalink pages).
  • Improvements to the RapidWeaver crash reporter.

Download & Bug Reporting

This is pre-release software, and may have undiscovered bugs. If you’re happy with the risks associated with using pre-release software, you can download RapidWeaver 6.3.1 Beta 2 here.

If you run into any issues, please report them here!


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Correct ICC profile (sRGB) when converting/generating images in PhotoAlbums?

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(I feel like trolling keeping asking this…)

Could you clarify, please: is this a general bug report (in which case: could we get a bug report directly - email support@), or a report of a regression from RW 6.3.0 in this beta?



emailed @support to your attention right now. thanks for your attention.

I do quite a bit of colour management work. Wouldn’t you save files in sRGB before importing them into RW? I’ve never created any image galleries inside RW but will need to do so for my next site so I’m interested to know more.

@nikf In recent versions of RW I’ve found it impossible to send in crash reports, though I’m glad to say they are rarely needed. Will 6.3.1 fix this?

Apparently RW is not managing correctly (ignoring) the ICC color profiles.
Of course you must start with sRGB images but if you’re using a wide-color-gamut monitor [with correct ICC set on your Mac] then you’ll notice the bug when generating PhotoAlbum images.
Workaround is set your ICC monitor profile on sRGB (even if your monitor is wide-gamut), then export whole PhotoAlbum. In this way there are not desaturation effects.
Hope helps.

I’ll have to look at this in some detail because I’ve never tested this with RW. The only browser that I rate for colour management is Firefox. Try typing“about:config” in the address panel then look for "gfx.color_management.mode”. Change the integer value to 1 and the problem should be fixed on a wide gamut monitor. The problem is that you can’t select this for other users. Clearly RW shouldn’t be applying the monitor profile though.

PS You’ll need to restart Firefox after changing the setting.

I appreciate very much the return of REPLACE PAGE function.
I love RW, thanks :relaxed:

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Our pleasure :smile:

Given the large number of enhancements and fixes in this update, we’ll be launching RapidWeaver 6.3.1 next week. Expect a final build later this week :smile:


Since installing 6.3.1 Beta 2 (Version 6.3.1 (15005)) I can’t access my custom theme styles in RW. I can still save them and see them with “reveal styles in finder”, but they do not show up in the “theme styles” menu - all i get is “theme default”. This is pretty distressing, as i had a lot of custom styles saved. It seems to occur in all themes. Also noticed that when i copy a theme with a right click and save it, the copy does not show up in themes list, although it is saved to the themes folder. Neither bug occurs in Version 6.3 (14965).

Please could we get a copy of the theme you’re using, and the theme styles, via email? Support@realmacsoftware.com

RapidWeaver 6.3.1 is now officially live: http://realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/releasenotes/#6.3.1

Thanks for your feedback, folks! @thang thanks for the extra information, we’ve got the fix into the final release (above).