RapidWeaver 6.3.1 Beta 1

Hi Guys

As some of you know, we prepare release builds a day or so ahead of the public launch, to make sure we’re happy with the final build. This means that on launch days (like today!) there might be some new goodies to test - so, here’s RapidWeaver 6.3.1 Beta 1.


  • Addons Manager now displays the version of your addons (Themes and Plugins currently - stacks to follow soon!).
  • Adds a new preference to disable the generation of Quick Look previews.


  • Fixes a problem where the Theme Browser wouldn’t immediately show your currently-selected theme when opening the Theme Browser.
  • Fixes a problem where a malformed Theme Style could potentially cause RapidWeaver to crash.
  • Fixes a problem where the QuickTime plugin could cause RapidWeaver to crash.
  • Fixes a problem where returning to a particular scroll location in Preview mode could cause RapidWeaver to quit.
  • Fixes a problem with RapidWeaver’s syntax highlighting that, when the app was modified or OS X’s Decompression utility failed to unzip the app properly, could cause RapidWeaver to crash.
  • Improvements to the RapidWeaver crash reporter.

Download and Bug Reporting

RapidWeaver 6.3.1 is beta software. This means it might have undiscovered bugs and you should only install this beta if you’re happy with the risks associated with beta software.

If you’re happy with the risks, you can download RapidWeaver 6.3.1 Beta 1 here.

Found something wrong with this beta? Let us know here with some (full, verbose) steps to reproduce - or, drop us an email (support@) with the steps and a project file.



Hi @nikf,

I was wondering if you can help me. I tried to use RW 6.3 and now I upgrade to the Beta 1 of 6.3.1 and I am noticing a issue with the Preview and Export which involves using certain CSS 3 link and font imports (in both release and beta versions of 6.3)…

When a page is located in any subdirectory of the main root of the RapidWeaver site, such as /blog/index.html, I am unable to use @import tags nor the ability to include TTF font files for Open Sans locally in the project.

The issue only happens with pages in sub folders and I don’t recall this happening in RW 5 when I was using it (from the MAS).

I have verified that all the fonts and resources are being built-in, but in RW 6 it looks like CSS is being converted into a consolidated file in the rw_resources tree on the export which is causing issues with using locally imported resources using certain CSS 3 tags. (The imports and fonts get a 404 Not Found)

Is there something I can send you via e-mail to help diagnose this issue (such as the project file, sample export, and theme)? I am using a custom template I am building, based on the Bootstrap GitHub template, just modified to match my upcoming personal site.

Sorry if my post is a mess…


Chris Z

If we could get all three items (project, theme, export) that’d be great: support@… :smile:


Hi Nik,
All the new improvements in Rapidweaver 6 sound great. However, Rapidweaver has not produced valid code for html5 in several years. I’m talking about rel=“self”, which is added to the code in most links, as well as directory links. I know that rel=“self” does not cause websites to fail or anything, but nevertheless it causes multiple validation failures.

Has this issue been fixed in the new version? And if not, why? I’m still using Rapidweaver 5, so I cannot check. But I’m reluctant to pay for the upgrade if is is not.

Joel Fletcher

As it happens, RapidWeaver 6 omits “self” from the rel attribute. We only use external if the link is to be opened in a new window.

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Just to follow up: RapidWeaver 6.3.1 will omit the rel attribute entirely if it’s not needed :slight_smile: