RapidWeaver 6.3.6 Beta

Hi folks,

Alongside work on RapidWeaver 7, we’re working on a maintenance update to RapidWeaver 6 in the form of RapidWeaver 6.3.6.

Here’s what we’ve fixed so far - we’ll be updating the list of changes as things progress, and are aiming to get RapidWeaver 6.3.6 out in the next week or so.

As always, only download RapidWeaver 6.3.6 if you‘re happy with the risks associated with pre-release software.

  • Fixes a problem where dragging sidebar items between documents could cause RapidWeaver to crash.
  • Fixes a problem that prevented publishing to some SFTP servers.
  • Fixes a problem where RapidWeaver would insert site-wide metatags as page-specific metatags when creating a new page, causing duplicate metatags.
  • Fixes a problem where RapidWeaver could crash when installing addons.
  • Works around a problem where RapidWeaver could crash when a blog page’s categories could not be fully read.
  • Fixes a problem where blog pages would be fully re-published when marked as changed.

Download RapidWeaver 6.3.6 Beta

Build 15132, November 19th 2015 16:00 UK time



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Will give it a whirl :slight_smile:

When adding a Stacks page to an existing site, the GLOBAL Meta Data gets imported into the new page causing duplicates of meta data. Issue existed with 6.3.5 as well. Other than that, seems to play nice with Stacks, Themes, Plug-ins and stacks so far.


Brad: not sure I understand. Could you send us a project file that we can test with?

Sent project file

I have site-wide meta data defined for the project

I add a new stacks page

I go to the pages header tab, edit meta data and the site-wide meta data is there

On publish/Export, the site-wide meta data is appended to the stacks page meta data thereby producing duplicate meta data.


Thanks, Brad! We’ll get this fixed up for a future 6.3.6 beta as we’re still working on the release!


Just a quick update that we’ve posted a new beta above with a fix for the metatag issue. Thanks for the report, @Turtle!


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@nikf, yes sir, fixed, thank you.

Will see what else I can find lol


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Another beta has just been posted above. As we’re onto multiple betas per day, the timestamp is shown above with the build :wink:

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Cool, well that fixed my Foundation Theme, Stacks Partial issue that I was about to report, thanks.


Hey Brad, if I can ask, what issue was this? Might help me help others in support.


The issue didn’t occur till the second beta of 6.3.6

Of note, I am completely re-doing a Static website to Responsive, not a minimal task lol

Theme selected: Foundation
Stacks Partial: - Header - Contained Site Styles (Foundation)
In Edit Mode: - When switching between pages that I had used the Header Partial, often the page would not see the complete Header Partial and tell me with lots of red lettering that I had to add the Site Styles to the page for the theme.

Previewing the page then going back to edit mode fixed this issue most times, sometimes I had to switch to another page then back again and that always fixed it.

This issue does not occur in current beta build (15132-11,19,2015-1600UK)


I’m using RW 6.3.5. Having trouble publishing. It never confirms is published successfully. It will get almost to the end and then get an error “…failure receiving data from peer”. I’ve checked all other possible problems, but can’t find anything else wrong. Any ideas?

Try using the beta that is listed on the top of this thread, maybe that will work for you.

Seems to have fixed the blog publishing of every page issue.

The beta will not load my gallery project however. Error indication is the stacks plugin is missing. The page opens fine with 6.3.4 and stacks 2.7.2 is listed in the add-on manager. When I open the project with beta 15132, I get a missing plugin error (stacks) and the add-on manager does not list stacks 2.7.2.

If you restart your Mac does this still happen?

Investigating… though we haven’t changed any plugin management code in this update…

Thanks for the report. Been able to recreate this. It’s due to use removing some code that Stacks 2 uses. We’d recommend moving to Stacks 3, but will obviously get this fixed for final release.