RapidWeaver 6 Addons area

I love the way the new Addons area works in RapidWeaver 6, but I have one request. It would be so nice if the addons area listed the version of the plugin, stack or theme (I know not all developers have theme versions). Would make life knowing what version you have a lot easier!

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I see addon version in right sidebar.
Look here for example.

Version 1.2.0

@rob That is not the area I was thinking. I was saying for INSIDE of RapidWeaver.

Oh, ok, you mean the Addons Manager window.
Yes, more details would be definitely useful.

We’ll take a look and see what we can do :smile:

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Good news, this feature should make it into RapidWeaver 6.3.1, due soon.

I saw that, sweet!! Thanks!

And on a related note…

What’s the current thinking (have been away from RW development for a few months) on the best place to preview, select and gather the attributes of Themes, please?

Is there still a site that attempts to describe them all?


This is a pretty good site, not sure if ALL themes are there, but Realmac has opened it up to all developers, so the ones that are not there, are just lazy (IMHO).

Thanks, zeebe!

Yes, I’ve seen that one :slight_smile: .

What I’m really looking for - a tall order, I suspect - is a resource which lists all the attributes… ‘x font styles’, ‘responsive’, ‘menu at left/right/top’, ‘designed for third, fourth-level menus’, ‘3 Extra Content areas’) etc.

We could add support for that, but I’m not sure theme developers would relish the idea of having to input all that information. I guess we could make it optional…

Yes, please!

(I can see the drawback, though; honestly :slight_smile: )