🔥 RapidWeaver 7 Beta - A final call for testers!

(Dan) #1


The development of RapidWeaver 7 is going really well and we’re very close to wrapping it up. This means RW7 is almost ready to be released!

If you’d like to test this near final version of RapidWeaver 7, please get in touch - dan@realmacsoftware.com

Happy Weaving!


(Brad Halstead) #2

@dan, @ben, @LaPan and crew…

And a wonderful job you all are doing over there… people will be very surprised by this version… A job coming together and very well done… hats off to the programmers and beta testers that put forth their effort to make this release a shocker!!!

Stand by, be seated and strapped down, about to launch RapidWeaver 7… soon…ish :wink:


(Dan) #3

Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot to me and the team :+1:


(Silas 'Shadow' skiá) #4

:slight_smile: I sent in a email a while back. I presume you haven’t had another round start since then.

(Dan) #5

What’s your email address?! You should have received it by now. Email me again maybe.

(Andrea Vitali) #6

Hi Dan.

Next week I’ll have long web design sessions… Do You want me to support the beta testing?

Andrea (sandokandrea@gmx.net )

(Dan) #7

Hey Andrea, you’re on the list, expect a build later this week :slight_smile:

(Andrea Vitali) #8

Great Dan. Thank You!

(Dan) #9