Rapidweaver 7 & 8 both failing on launch

Running the latest version of Catalina here and just decided to pay for the upgrade from RW 7 to 8, after not touching RW for almost a year.
Latest RW 8 version crashes on launch every time and last RW 7 version refuses to load several plug-ins on launch (no matter how many times I update them) causing my project to be worthless. Blocks, RapidBot, & RapidSearch Pro are all not loading.

Not sure what to do since I just spent another $69

Catalina made a lot of security changes under the hood that prevent a lot of applications (and RW plugins) from running). My guess is that outdated plugins are causing your issue.

You can search this site for “catalina plugins” by clicking on the magnifier icon in the top, right corner of the site. You’ll find several relevant threads.

My suggestion is to remove any of those plugins you’re not using. You’ll need to get catalina-ready updates for the ones you are. You should be able to get updates for Blocks and RapidSearch Pro. I don’t think RapidBot is supported any longer, so if you still use it, you’re going to have to remove it and replace it with something else.

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