Upgraded to MacOS 10.15.1 and can't open any RW files

All working normally yesterday. Now RW (8.4.1) cannot open any projects. Any suggestions?

I just wanna say that’s scary. I’m not on Catalina yet, well I have a virtual machine running it just to test my own software on it, but I dont run RW or anything on it yet. This is scary. If it’s a real bug I’m sure RW will get right on it as it is utterly timely. I would communicate directly with RW on this.

I should have said that I was already on Catalina. It was only when I updated to 10.15.1 that I had a problem.

I am using RW8.4.1 and have just upgraded to MacOS 10.15.1 and apart from having feeling sick when reading this thread, thankfully my projects opened without any drama.

Panic over! No problem found by Disk utility. I restarted my iMac a couple of times and it worked normally again.


Rebooting so often does the trick. I’m relieved you’re working again because that update’s red dot keeps bugging my eye.

Yes, but I was surprised it took 2 reboots and also that it happened in 10.15.1 rather than 10.15. The only other problems I’ve had with Catalina are programs which I knew beforehand were going to need updating to be compatible and connecting to my Huawei phone which I still haven’t cracked.

I have been running macOS10.15.1 on two machines without any real problems, other than updating various programs, which I was always expecting. Last night I upgraded my third machine to Catalina and it went without any problems at all, it just took about two to three hours. Most importantly, Rapidweaver is working well in the new environment.

The same problem by me but there are no updates avaible:




  • WeaverPix is definitely gone.
  • DateLoom hasn’t been supported since 2017, so no Catalina version going to come.
  • FormLoom 4 (latest update) should work fine. If you’re using version 3, you’d need to ask @yabdab if there’s a signed version.
  • Sitemap and Collage 2 both from Yourhead should have versions that work, might try their support.

I have found now all updates…only that from SideMap the newest version 3.1.1 :tired_face:

There is a beta version of sitemap available from YourHeads Slack Chanel.



But the SiteMap version 3.1.1 don’t work by me on Catalina :tired_face:
But DateLoom works with version 1.1.0 (83):face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t know much about it (haven’t upgraded to Catalina yet, other Compatibility issues). There is Beta Version for 3.2 on YourHeads Slack channel(see post above). You could contact YourHead support(footer of every page).

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