Rapidweaver 7 crashes when opening project built with Foundation theme

I am unable to open a project created in RapidWeaver 7. When I made a change to a section in Total CMS with Foundation as the theme, a screen popped up with the new code I needed to add to the .htaccess file. Overlaid on top of the popup was a message that I needed to update Foundation. When I downloaded the new version of Foundation, installed it, then I tried to open my project, I received the error message seen below. When I click on the blue “Apply Theme & Open” button, RapidWeaver crashes, so I cannot open my project. I am able to open other projects in RapidWeaver that are not based on the Foundation theme.
Although the popup message says the “Foundation Copy theme this document uses is missing,” I have never had a copy of Foundation. Using Manage Addons in RapidWeaver, I see only one copy of Foundation in my list of stacks.
I am using the following:
Foundation, v1.8.1
Addon Pack 1 and 2, v1.8.6
Rapidweaver, v7.5.6

There are no versions of Foundation in the trash

Does anyone have any ideas about this error? Thank you.

I sent you a fixed project file this morning. Did that not work?


I never received the file. Could you please resend the fixed project?

Thank you,


here you go… https://d.pr/f/6Voc8P

It works. Thank you so much, Joe!

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