RapidWeaver 7 - freeze during Export & Publish


I upgraded to RW7 and updated my RW6 project to the new file format.

When I try to Publish or Export the site either locally or via ftp the process proceeds so far then freeze during the export process (never reaching Publish) and not continue. The freeze usually occurs during export of one particular page in my site, but a couple of times froze before it reached that page. The Export can be cancelled - i.e. the whole app is not frozen, just the export seems to be stuck.

Then I saw this thread in German:


This (I think, from my bad German) is outlining the same issue and implies the Minify CSS and Javascript option is causing the problem - and indeed I had chosen this during the Health Check of my project.

I have now unticked this option in the site settings and Export and Publish now seem to be functioning normally.

Anybody else seen this and know a reason why this could be happening?


Hi Ian,

indeed I posted both because of the fact that not all german users read the english posts. And I don’t know for sure but it could change with the theme you’re using. As far as I understand, the older the theme and the less matched for RW 6 the more problems there might be with these advanced code fixes.

ciao Ralf


Thanks - sorry, I saw your German post but didn’t see your English one further down the forums! Still, I managed to decipher it and it fixed the problem for me so I decided to post about it…


Similar issue here. I have yet to resolve it. During export it stops on a page (varies which page) and never gets to publish.

I have tried publishing just one page where it will export successfully but won’t publish. I am still on RW6 until I can get this figured out. I have a large site.