RapidWeaver 7 photo display issues

Many of my jpeg’s only display the upper left quarter of the photo after the site is published. Looks terrible. I remember a problem like this in the past and it had to do with the retina display. How to resolve?

Point people to url
need to know what kind of page it is such as stacks etc
if your using stacks for the image best to know what stack you are using

I am using stacks in Rapidweaver 6.3.8 and it works great. On downloading the new 7.0 version and opening the old 6.3.8 file for my long standing website, all image text boxes show up as question marks blinking, and photos are oversized by a factor of at least 4-6X. My web page is a-c-i-f.org I converted back to 6.3.8 for the time being as I can’t have my website misbehaving like this. I also had to re-link many of the downloaded files when I was running 7.0

I still have 7.0 on the machine and the converted Rapid weaver website file associated with it.

I want to use 7.0 just to stay up to date. Many Thanks