Rapidweaver 7 uploading all blog files rather than just a new blog posts

(Phil Dignum) #1

I know this has been a problem with previous versions of Rapidweaver, but it’s the first time it’s reared it’s head for me in Rapidweaver 7. Whenever I create a new blog post and upload, Rapidweaver uploads more than just the new post meaning upload takes quite a long time.

I’ve looked for a ‘smart upload’ option in preferences but I can’t find one. Does anyone have an idea where I’d find this option in Rapidweaver 7?

I’m using the Iris theme by Nick Cates.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

(Phil Dignum) #2

Fo anyone wondering I contacted Realmac about this problem and I received this response to my question:

"It’s not a bug, but we’re looking at ways to change that action. Right now, when you add a blog, it does change every blog page’s sidebar information (dates/tags/categories/etc.) so that’s what’s going on.

Like I said, we’re looking to fix that in a future update."

(William VILLERS) #3

Glad you got a response, some of us don’t get that lucky :slight_smile:

(Paul Giglia) #4

I just uploaded their newest version and they still haven’t fixed that bug. Uploads everything, takes forever. Can anyone at RW look into this AGAIN? Thanks.

(Phil Dignum) #5

So the problem went away for a while for me, and is now back. I’ve no idea what is now different that the problem should start up again, but I now have to upload 2,615 files for each blog update :sob: