Why does RW have to upload so many files for each minor change

I’ve published my site and over 500 files were ftp’d to the server.

That’s fine, but why does it have to keep uploading hundreds of files each time I make minor changes. I understand some changes might necessitate that, but it seems to happen VERY regularly, and at the office I’m on a slow broadband connection so it take 5 minutes each time I publish.

Another example would be making one minor change to a Formlooms 3 page. Say I change the email address for example, it then upload 154 files when I hit publish, and I have to sit there for several minutes twiddling my thumbs.

Any help and advice much appreciated.

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We’re looking into this. Do you have a blog page on your site?


Hi Nik. Yes, I have a blog, but this definitely happens even when I am doing nothing with the blog.

Thanks: could you send a copy of your .rw6 project file to us? support@realmacsoftware.com - we’ll take a look as part of our work on RW 6.3.6.



Sure thing. I’ll get that over to you now Nik.

I just added a new blog entry, the only change to this project. It’s currently trying to publish 836 files. 8-(

We’ve got a fix for the next 6.3.6 beta.

That’s great to hear Nik. At the moment I seem to be spending 20 minutes of every hour waiting for several hundred files to upload.

It seems particularly bad with Formloom. Every time I tweak a form - even a very minor change - it is uploading over 150 files.

Looking forward to the new version :smile:

Thanks Nik. I’ll steer clear of the beta but it’s good know it’s being fixed.


Full details here:

@robbeattie Appreciate that betas can make folks wary - however I would point out that you can run multiple RW builds on your Mac (even between 6.3.4 and 6.3.5), so long as only one is open at a time. Would appreciate confirmation that things are fixed for everyone who’s experienced this issue so we can definitively call it fixed.



Thats great that the new update will fix it.
I’m using Rapidweaver 5.3.2 and I have the same issue.
I am hesitant to upgrade my operating system to Mavericks, so I’m stuck with Rapidweaver 5 until I upgrade.