Rapidweaver 8.0.2 crashes

I upgraded to RapidWeaver 8 today (v8.0.2) but it crashes every time I click on a file or folder in the new resources pop-out. I’m running OS 10.11.6. Any ideas, anyone?

Is it on a single project? Have you tried a new empty project? I have been using the Resouce manger a lot and have not crashed yet. I’m running MacOS 10.13.6, but that might not be the issue. Is it offering to send a report to RelMac?
Might want to drop a message to support.

Thanks. It’s happening in all my projects, including one I created from scratch in RW8. It offers to send a report, which I’ve done, as well as emailing support at Realmac. It’s deeply frustrating and I can’t figure out any reason for it or a way round it!

Are you sure all of your plugins are up to date or you do not have any duplicate plugins in the addons folder??

I’ve checked the plug-ins - all up to date, no duplicates, plus I’ve uninstalled anything old or unused. Still got the same problem. The resource manager opens, I click on a resource, it crashes.

OK, just checking some of the obvious stuff first. Can’t help you anymore, hopefully someone from Realmac will see this and answer soon.
Good luck!!

Thanks for the suggestions.

Hi @Mohobo -
Sorry to learn about these issues you’re experiencing. :frowning:

Can you confirm the steps you’re taking when encountering this issue?

Does simply opening the resources window cause the crash, or is it when you select “add files”, etc?

Does this happen with new projects?

The resources window opens OK. The problem happens when I click on a resource. I can add a folder or file successfully, but if I then click on another file, folder or resource (photos or unsplash) in the resource manager, that’s when it crashes. This occurs both with existing projects and newly-created ones.

Do you get a crash reporter window? Have you submitted it?

Can you email supoort@realmacsoftware.com with a link to this thread, and the email address you used to submit the report?

We’ll be able to find your report from that. Thanks!

Thanks. I get a crash reporter window most times, sometimes just the generic mac message. I submitted one earlier, plus I emailed support. I’ll send another crash report and email the link to this thread as you suggest.

Just replied to your email!

The resources issue seems to have been resolved by the 8.0.3 update. Thanks, dev team.

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