RapidWeaver 8.1 Final Candidate!

(NeilUK) #22

I’ve been playing around in RW 8.1 Final Candidate for a couple of days now. Not sure if it’s just me, but when I preview the page in Safari, then make a change, the page doesn’t automatically refresh. It does in RW 7.

Is this an issue for others?

(Pastia) #23

Hi ! I downloaded the Beta 8.1 RW yesterday. All my resources are broken and RW asks me to give him access to the resource file. What I did, but apparently it’s not enough. My resources are in several sub-folders of a generic folder. I gave access to this file but it’s not enough.
Here is the message:
This document uses files in another location that RapidWeaver is unable to access
Please allow RapidWeaver to access to your files by choosing the directory where they’re stored. Choosing your home directory is normally a good choice.
What is the “home directory” ?
RW was easy to use before this resource problem, now it’s hell… I am really disappointed to have purchased this update. I’ll have to find another solution for my sites if it doesn’t work…

(Dan) #24

RapidWeaver has some added security enhancements (Apple call this Sandboxing) to allow it to be sold via the Mac App Store. This is the reasons RapidWeaver is now asking for access to those files again (this shouldn’t happen again the future it’s. one time thing).

Take a look at this…

“The first thing you should know about the Home folder is that it’s not named Home. It features a home icon, but its title is the name you chose for your user account. It lives in the Users folder (along with any guest folders if you created additional user profiles).” — https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-find-your-macs-home-folder-and-add-it-to-finder/

Hope that helps clear things up a bit.

(Pastia) #25

After a few hours of fighting, the site seems to be OK… Thanks @dan

(Dan) #26

Sorry it’s been a pain for you, but am glad you got it fixed and are back weaving!

Looks like we’re almost ready to ship 8.1 directly.


(Jan Fuellemann) #27

One more bug:
If you change the path in the publishing window, you will get a single prompt/question for every letter you type so you have to make a choice every time you change a single letter.

And if you happen to press Enter out of convenience, it starts publishing to the wrong/not finished path :slight_smile:

(Dan) #28

@Fuellemann thanks for the report, we’re looking into this now and will get it fixed for the official 8.1 release!

(Joel Fletcher) #29

Hi Dan,
Can you provide some clarity about using Rapidweaver 8 with OS 10.11 El Capitan? On initial release you stated it was supported. Now the website says OS 10.12 and above. Which is it? Please make an official statement about this issue either here, or respond to this post:

( ) #30

Hey @Mysterion - just replied:

(Patrick Mooney) #31

Like you I’m on 10.11 and I’m not upgrading due to my version of Adobe suit will have issue on 10.12. I’m running 8 and so far all is fine. If in future it 10.12 I’ll not be upgrading as Apple are messing up too much.

(Judson) #32

My version is showing as 20462b even though your link text above says 20479b

(Dan) #33

Link updated. Sorry about that!

(Pastia) #34

I open RW again today to edit one of the blog posts. The issue is not solved:
on social tags, the image of each article appears in the preview window. Each image is also present in the resources window.
But after publication, the first image of the first post is well preserved, but images assigned to subsequent posts are not used. Only the generic image of the blog appears. However, the text of the title and description are well preserved.

In addition, when RW opens, I always get the message:" This document uses files in multiple locations that RapidWeaver is unable to access".
While I put all the images one by one in the articles and gave access to the mac’s home at each opening. But I also have in my texts some images that are called by external URLs. Maybe that’s it?

The pages are OK. It’s just the blog that’s concerned. But this has never been RW’s greatest skill…
Am I the only one in this case?

(Andrea Vitali) #35

Backup of project on the web: it would be nice to have the possibility to force a backup, instead of just skipping it

(Jim Cook) #36

This has fixed a problem I had with Unsplash and photos not showing in Banner areas once published.

(Wondrous) #37

Dan, about Resources folder. After deleting the file, a window about sending the report appears, after closing the Resources window, this message also appears.

(Will Woodgate) #38

I couldn’t see it in the change log above, but I can confirm the nasty crash that was occurring when you attempted to export a website to an alias seems to be fixed in this build. :+1:

(Rob Loomis) #39

Have begun to run into a “Fatal error” using Easy CMS on RW 8.1 when Process Macros option is selected in the CMS CORE. Note that this is only happening with EASY CMS CORE. TOTAL CMS CORE works fine.


(Pete Schuder) #40

I guess I must be doing something wrong with the home directory selection. I choose the home directory and it sends me back into a loop asking to choose again.I am on RW 8.1 (20479b) and Mojave 10.14.1

(Chet) #41

Same for me!