RapidWeaver 8.1 Final Candidate!

(JR Howell) #42

I have the same Home Directory issue. I originally thought it was because my main directory is in iCloud. However, I still have the same issue if I copy my website directory to a local drive. I had to go back to Public Beta 8.

(Dan) #43

If you’re having issues with resources not appearing can you email the project file to dan@realmacsoftware.com and mention what issue you’re seeing along with a link to this thread.

Many Thanks!

(JR Howell) #44

Yes. Still having issues.Emailed you a dropbox link to the project file as it is 92MB.

(Bill Hall) #45

Using 8.0.3 on 10.13.6. Haven’t tried 8.1 but am experience a resources problem.

‘Resources’ is missing from the sidebar. Just double checking my sanity: Was this removed/moved in 8? As an FYI, I just had to republish all files and the published site is working fine, but I am unable to access resources within RW 8.0.3.


(Bill Hall) #46

Ha… discard… Found it. Moved to the header. Got it :D. Helps if I open my eyes a bit. I even looked all over for documentation about a move and couldn’t find it.

(Pete Schuder) #47

I am back to the latest update and have yet to be able to stop the prompt of “this document uses…”. I followed your directions and can locate the “home page” and I then go to the desktop where the files for this project are located, open and then I get sent back to asking to choose the directory for the document files. Sorry for not being able to do this, but I would prefer the ability to go back to not doing this in the first place and then no longer getting this constant prompt each time I open my projects. Or I need better directions to connect to the files in question. I haven’t come up on such a roadblock since the first few months of using RW back when I started on RW6. Please forgive my lack of understanding.

(Pastia) #48

I agree with you, it’s really annoying. I hope it will work better with the final version 8.1 (this and also the fact that the social tag images attached to the blog articles disappear after restarting the software). I’m tired of having to hand them over one by one every time I use RW. The Sources folder expands (double or triple images) but images, which are still visible in the small “images” cartridge, are not taken into account. The social Tag displays the generic image of the blog…
It’s a real shame, RW was pretty good software until now. I really regret my update… Sorry…

(Chet) #49

Are you using PlusKit in the project with the disappearing image social tags?

(Pastia) #50

No, i don’t…

(Jim Cook) #51

Having similar issues with this latest build. RW8.1 can’t find the files and I get into a loop when I choose my home folder. Just keeps trying to find the files.

(Dan) #53

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