RapidWeaver 8.1 Touchbar support

@tpbradley could you tell those of us that use the MacBookPro if Realmac plans on adding support for the touchbar in RapidWeaver? I have asked this previously and never received any type of reply.

Any answer would be appreciated.



I can’t promise anything but it’s on our radar!

What functions would you like to see on the Touchbar?

Have a look at BetterTouchTool, it enables you to add custom buttons to the Touch Bar.

Can you add the ability to resize the preview window via the touchbar?

(That was a joke by the way, to lighten the mood after the last thread, not an attempt to piss TPBradley off).

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Haha, it’s not such a crazy idea… we could add the simulator’s devices to the touch bar.

New page (from a favorite page type)
Publish current page
Toggle edit/preview

Would be the obvious ones.

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Right now I would be happy with being able to have all the items on the current toolbar being available.

Would also like to see the style toolbar when editing inside of a styled text, HTML or Stack.


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