RapidWeaver 8.3 Final Candidate 3 (Build 20789b)

(allen) #21

May have found a bug in 8.3 beta.

I have a document that has a word which is a link. When I right click on the work to edit the link and choose “edit link,” I am not able to actually edit the link.

Here is my line of HTML text from my page:
Call or Email and JOIN our TRIBE Today!

Not sure if this is the right place to notify you of beta bugs… but I’ll be happy to put them some place that you designate, if you tell me.

So far, the app is running great!

(allen) #22

O, and one more thing, I need to be able to add “tabs” to my paragraph text easily. I"ve not found a way to do that yet.

Am I missing something or is that, too, a bug?

(Dan) #23

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