RapidWeaver 8.3 Final Candidate 3 (Build 20789b)

Hey Weavers,

Here’s the third final candidate of RapidWeaver 8.3, take it for a spin and let us know if you hit any show-stopping issues. Hopefully, third time’s a charm!

  • [NEW] Fixed an issues with sub folders being incorrectly named when opening and old project
  • Fixed an issue where an ‘Untitled Folder’ directory could be seen in resources
  • Fixed a crash when adding new resources if existing resources are unresolved
  • Fixed a crash in the link panel
  • Fixed a crash when dragging a resource into site settings
  • Fixed an issue where the blog social images would not be saved
  • Added new update engine
  • Added support for Emporter
  • Updated Multi Lander Theme
  • Added support for detecting and managing duplicate images
  • Various other under the hood tweaks and fixes.

Download RapidWeaver 8.3 (20789b) Final Candidate 3

Happy Weaving!

Dan & Tom

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Problem with “untitled folders” in Resources seems to be solved for me with this beta. It wasn’t with 20786b.

Works for me too! :slight_smile:

I wish you would take my suggestion of putting Save and Save as in RW’s menu bar. I’ve been asking this for years.


The link does not work for me. Has FC 3 been pulled?

I don’t think we’ve had any other requests for this, people just get used to using the menu item like in every other Mac app.

If a lot of people would like this we can add it… does anyone else want this feature?


Sorry about that, give the link a go now: https://github.com/realmacsoftware/RapidWeaver8-releases/releases/download/8.3-(20789b)/RapidWeaver8.zip

I don’t think I’ve ever used it from the dropdown, I use keyboard shortcuts, the same for almost all other mac apps.

Personally I wouldn’t vote to add more items to the mani view as it just clutters things. But that’s just me.

Ditto. Keyboard commands are just fine. Same as other apps. And it’s always under File menu if I’m particulary dense one morning. Adding more stuff that really isn’t needed doesn’t seem sensible.

… however if by menu bar the person means toolbar then that’s another thing. In many apps I do customize the toolbar by right-clicking on toolbar and choosing the Customize Toolbar option. Adding icons for Save and Save As there would not matter to most, and help a few, as they could then always add those options to their toolbar if they wanted.

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When will this version be available in the Apple App Store? I’m still seeing 8.2.1 in the store,

It is still in beta Version 8.2.1 is the current production version (non-app store and app-store). In the past the app-store version has been slightly behind the direct version. I believe thats do to Apple doing some approval stuff.

The ‘last’ beta was now more than two weeks ago, is it close to release now then?

Hi @channonite,

We’re just testing some things internally and making sure it’s a solid release. Should be out in the next week or so. Stay tuned.

Many Thanks


Why am I getting prompted to upgrade to 8.3 if it is not out yet?

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I guess that we are into the “or so” bit of @dan 's “next week or so” post above! :wink:

We hit a few delays, we’re now just fixing up some S3 publishing issues then we’ll ship 8.3 - stay tuned!

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This is a really good version thus far.

Would you please consider the following enhancement?

Allow show/hide of stacks by double clicking the stack label in edit mode

So far, it’s stable and works with al of my stacks: foundry, potion pack, thunder pack, Lister, Paragraph Pro and Font Stack

you need to direct that to @isaiah

Easy peasy pie. We can do that. And I like the idea. I’ve added it to our bug/feature tracker. You can find info about it at this link – I’ve scheduled it for the next feature update. Since that might be a little while, and this feature might be interesting to try now, i think i’ll add it as an easter egg only for those willing to work a bit to get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll post details of how to enable the feature after the next build – but you’ll have to follow that link, and keep track of that feature, to find out the details. :wink::face_with_monocle::nerd_face:


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Thank you!!!
I’ll be happy to follow that link and do some beta testing for you. I’m totally new to RW and I’m new to learning how to “think” in RW so that I can craft my brand new website!!! It’s not up yet

I’m a martial arts instructor, https://www.cobaltstudiosllc.com, and I’m modernizing my site.

So, as I go and as I learn, I’ll be happy to give you feedback.

Thx again for responding and thank you for considering my feature :smiley: :smiley:


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